Press Release

Versalis: Eni's Porto Marghera transformation continues

02 May 2022 - 2:30 PM CEST

San Donato Milanese (MI), 2 May 2022 - Versalis confirms the transformation of its activities at Porto Marghera and the implementation of new industrial initiatives in the area. These initiatives complement Eni's plans in the petrochemical and biorefinery field for a total of more than €500 million in investments, and aim to accelerate the energy transition and the development of chemistry from the circular economy. This implementation will see more than 600,000 tonnes/year of CO2 emissions being cut.

In Porto Marghera, Versalis is building the first plant for advanced post-consumer plastics mechanical recycling, following the acquisition of Ecoplastic's technology and facilities in 2021. Plants will be installed to produce styrenic polymers from recycled raw material, already sorted and pre-treated. The total capacity of this first phase will be about 20,000 tonnes/year: the new products, which will expand the Versalis Revive® polymer portfolio and consolidate European leadership in recycled styrenic polymers, will be destined for applied sectors in which the requirements of sustainability and circularity are essential, such as packaging and construction.

Versalis will also build the first plant in Italy in Porto Marghera for the production of isopropyl alcohol, which today is fully imported from abroad and used in numerous market sectors. The capacity of the new plant, 30,000 tonnes/year, is in line with domestic market demand and is considered a strategic step for Versalis in specialising its portfolio with higher value products. A hydrogen production plant will also be built to serve the isopropyl alcohol plant.

As part of this programme, the process of shutting down the cracking and aromatics plants will begin on 9th May, and is estimated to last for six days. The relevant authorities will be kept informed and updated on the progress. The supply of ethylene and propylene to the industrial sites in Mantua and Ferrara will be guaranteed through the logistics hub that currently manages the flow of ships for the supply of incoming raw materials and the various outgoing products. Investments to strengthen the hub, aimed at maximising its reliability and flexibility through optimizing the new set-up, have been underway for some time and partially implemented.

Versalis confirms that the transformation plan will be implemented with the utmost attention to employment balances.

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