We carry out valuable research in order to provide new solutions for an ever-changing world.


We develop innovative solutions for high competitiveness on the market

Our continuous commitment to product and process innovation allows us to strengthen our competitivenesson the market. Research plays a key role in our strategy and has enabled us over the years to position ourselves as a partner of excellence, able to anticipate market needs and quickly offer our customers bespoke solutions


In our Research Centres we develop projects and proprietary technologies for the production of Intermediates, Oilfield Chemicals, Polyethylene, Styrenics, Elastomers and chemical products from renewable sources, and in particular we are committed to develop technologies for polymer recycling. We are firmly focused on our traditional businesses while we are always ready to seize any external input as an opportunity.

In fact, we are focusing on creatingnew types of products with improved performance and on developing innovative processes, including those that benefit the sustainability of the production supply chain, of energy efficiency and reduction of the impact on the environment, with a perspective  on the circular economy and decarbonization.

As part of Eni's broader strategy, we support a socially fair energy transition that aims at preserving the environment and promoting access to energy resources in an efficient and sustainable manner for all. We base our work on passion, innovation, strength, and the development of our skills. 

We are focusing our energies today to build tomorrow's chemistry.


We think, we imagine, we realise

We develop new products and technological platforms with a high level of specialisation and sustainability, and with a view to the circular economy.

Research Centres

We have a team of around 400 researchers and technologists working in our plants and research centres.


Our research

Our patents

305 patent families, of which 55 protect inventions related to circular and sustainable products and processes.

Our knowledge management is based on the process of cross sharing of information within our network (Knowledge Sharing). We believe that our company's distinctive knowledge is what supports the proprietary processes on which our company relies and through which, by generating innovation, we maintain our competitive advantage.


Our network of external collaborations

We develop synergies by enhancing different competences with a view to creating supply chains.


Our technologies and licencing

We are constantly improving our technologies to meet an evolving market, using licensing as a permanent stimulus for innovation.