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Technologies and Licensing

We are constantly improving our technologies to meet an evolving market, using licensing as a permanent stimulus for innovation.

We are an international leader in the development of technological solutions for the production of basic chemicals, polymers, innovative catalysts and products from waste biomass. We continuously improve the technologies developed in our R&D centres to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. We seek solutions with a high standard of sustainability, in line with our strategy towards decarbonisation.

The operational experience gained in the management of chemical plants and processes makes Versalis an exclusive licensor with a portfolio of not only state-of-the-art technology, but also a wide range of services ranging from personnel training to technical support and product marketing.

In this perspective, licensing also becomes a driver for our international development through targeted partnerships and, from a technological point of view, the presence and competitiveness with the best available solutions on the market is a permanent stimulus for process and product innovation.

Reliability and sustainability with proprietary technologies

We have a portfolio of proprietary technologies and licences with solid references in our production plants.

In this way our portfolio is tangible guarantee in terms of reliability to our licensee customers.

Our technologies for:

production from traditional raw material

productions from renewable raw materials