Oilfield Chemicals products and services

We offer state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of services thanks to our research centres and operational experience.

We operate in the Oilfield Chemicals sector, offering innovative solutions in the field of design, production and global supply of chemical products for the oil industry. Within this specific product portfolio, we offer specific expertise in the areas of development, quality, health, safety and environment.

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Oil & Gas production

We have a range of chemicals that help balance unpredictability and deliver optimum performance, with a focus on environmental protection. Crude oil and natural gas production is characterised by variable production rates and unpredictable changes in the nature of the fluids produced.

Drilling & completion

We offer additives with high functional potential; new bio-based chemicals and additives for drilling fluids

Well stimulation

Acidification and fracturing are typical stimulation techniques that require chemical products with improved performance and/or better environmental profiles. Together with recent developments in hydraulic fracturing, they are used to increase production from oil or gas wells.

Commodity Chemicals

We offer chemical products commonly used in in plants and oil fields that can reduce the manufacturer-consumer supply chain.
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Versalis e - Oil and Gas Production

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