Service and logistics

Those who choose us also do so for the assistance they receive: technical, pre- and after-sales assistance and all logistics services.

We offer efficient and customised technical support

We work to cultivate a partnership relationship with our customers by identifying common objectives to collaborate on their realisation, jointly addressing and analysing every new request. For this purpose, we employ technical experts in production processes and different applications who make use of specialized laboratories, particularly in Mantua for products in the Intermediates business Those who choose us also do so because of the support they receive: technical, efficient, customised.

Our technical assistance services

Through our Technical Assistance we offer the opportunity to optimize and develop new products, in step with the latest developments in technology, in raw materials as well as in the plastic materials and Elastomers processing sector. To do this, we work in close cooperation with customers, always attentive to market needs.

What we offer:

  • assistance for the resolution of specific technical problems
  • declarations of conformity and regulatory updates
  • technical documentation
  • technical analysis of complaints
  • development of new products and applications
  • training and refresher courses.


Our sales assistance

We are present in Italy and in several countries with an extensive sales network ensuring efficient customer service. Our sales teams are highly qualified and motivated to formulate a business proposal to meet all needs.

We have a geographically assigned sales network that represents an integrated system consisting of sales and customer service staff capable of establishing a continuous and attentive relationship with the customer. This means that the customer can count on a customised service in their own language.

Our product range is supported by a dedicated customers’ web portal which allows direct order input and order traceability up to and including delivery.

In countries where we do not have sales offices, we use specialised agents or distributors who, in coordination with the head office, follow the sales of the products of interest.

Our logistics services

We produce and market products on a global scale and have an extensive logistics system that allows us to reach customers anywhere in the world. For this purpose, we employ a network of warehouses, located both at our production sites and in dedicated external structures, allowing us to optimise the distribution network of both outgoing and incoming products.

We transport liquid, bulk and packaged solid products with deliveries in 83 countries, thanks to our cooperation with 170 transport companies selected through contract tenders in compliance with Eni regulations and procedures. The modes of transport are divided into road, intermodal, rail, air and sea and are adopted according to the prevailing market conditions.

At the basis of our logistics system is the highest attention to safety. This is why, in addition to operating in full compliance with national and international regulations, we apply our best practices in storage and transport activities, particularly for goods classified as hazardous.