CEO Adriano Alfani receives 2022 ICIS Emerging Leader Award

CEO Adriano Alfani receives 2022 ICIS Emerging Leader Award

Our CEO Adriano Alfani has received the 2022 ICIS Emerging Leader Award as voted on and recognised by his peers in the chemical industry as part of the ICIS Top 40 Power Players.

The prestigious ICIS Emerging Leader Award was presented to Mr. Alfani by ICIS Insight Editor, Nigel Davis, who took the opportunity to discuss some of the main challenges facing the industry.

Many chemical companies are running selective demonstration trials in focused areas of Carbon Footprint reduction. Versalis’ commitment, not only to alliances at international level such as the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA), but also to a wide range of transformative initiatives on their own sites at industrial and commercial scale and beyond threshold targets, led to their win. Including:

  • Complementary approach towards decarbonisation targets
  • Chemicals via fermentation: bioethanol, biogas and biomethane
  • Use of alternative feedstocks
  • Acquisition and development of new technologies for mechanical and chemical recycling
  • Broaden market participation through an integrated supply chain for special polymers

“This award is a well-earned recognition of our team. It’s a credit to all at Versalis who have worked very hard over the last few years. I joined the company as CEO at the beginning of 2021, during the pandemic; the company has since developed substantially as we’ve made significant investment in research, innovation and the development of new technologies,” said Mr. Alfani.

Dean Curtis, CEO of ICIS, commented, “Versalis is an excellent example of what the chemical industry is capable of and shows how a sector founded on innovation continues to evolve to meet the current global challenges we are facing. It is no surprise that Mr. Alfani’s peers voted for him to receive this award. Both Mr. Alfani and the team at Versalis should be very proud of their evolution at such a key time.”

Mr. Alfani added, “Versalis is a forward-thinking, innovation-led business, committed to investing in the manufacture of chemicals based on circularity and renewables. The team has worked hard over the past 10 years to develop new technologies and we are delighted with the success we have achieved so far. This is not a time for anyone in the chemical industry to stand still, and we will continue our work and investment to decarbonize, grow our business, and add the agility and flexibility we need to be resilient for the future.”