Sunpower®, the herbicide from vegetable origin

Sunpower® is the herbicide for professional use with a desiccant and suckering action based on pelargonic acid from renewable sources, produced and marketed by Versalis in partnership with the Italian-British company AlphaBio Control, which developed and registered the formulation.

It is a non-systemic plant protection product of natural origin, whose active ingredient is derived from renewable and biodegradable vegetable raw materials (vegetable oils from the Versalis plant in Porto Torres), used to weed annual and perennial weeds in urban and industrial environments.

Sunpower® acts through contact, desiccating suckers and weeds that have already emerged thanks to pelargonic acid. The process takes place in synergy with sunlight and is promoted by high temperatures. Weeding by desiccation is quick, taking only a few hours, and does not create lesions, unlike mechanical weeding.

Sunpower® is used to combat the growth of weeds that often cause aesthetic and structural damage, as well as potential obstructions to road and rail traffic and the flow of waterways in urban and tourist areas, roads, rural and industrial areas and cemeteries.

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